All about somatic therapy experience

Somatic therapy or somatic experiencing therapy or SE therapy is a type of therapy that help people overcome their post-traumatic stress and effects from other mental health conditions. Somatic therapy in Singapore aims to connect a human body with the mind and apply psychotherapy and physical therapies during the treatment.

As per the definition, “Somatic trauma therapy in Singapore is designed to help individuals clear their minds and connect to their bodies, and it is helpful because it combines mindfulness, traditional talk therapy, and grounding techniques”.

All those therapists who believe in somatic body psychotherapy knows that a person’s inner feelings impact their physical form – they try to use mind-body exercise techniques to release the pent-up trauma from the mind and the body. By releasing these bodily sensations, a therapist will work towards healing trauma from inside out with the help of somatic therapy.

Are you wondering who does this therapy work? Let us help you understand it here.

Most of the times, it is easy to get trapped by our own physical and emotional stress. This feeling leads to a pour of emotions that an individual is not able to handle and thus, it leads to conditions like panicking, anxiousness, and the individual is not able to calm down. When an individual is brought for traditional talk therapy, it can effectively address many mental and emotional health challenges, but those who practice somatic therapy believe that such talk therapy can benefit from paying attention to a person’s body and symptoms, which can further help a person alleviate the stress and chronic pain preventing them from experiencing life in its entirety.

Somatic trauma therapy in Singapore is a specific approach based on all the traumatic experiences a person has had in his life earlier. The goal of this therapy is to help an individual notice physical sensations stemming from their mental health issue and use that awareness to work through painful feelings and emotions. This is a kind of physical sensation that can be in the form of chronic pain and other unpleasant symptoms.

Over time, regular sessions of somatic therapy aim to help individuals improve their body awareness and learn somatic therapy techniques to release the physical tension by themselves. Some of the techniques include deep breathing for anxiety, sensation awareness, dance therapy, physical exercise, grounding exercises and so on.

If you are looking forward to getting a somatic trauma therapy in Singapore, you can reach out to us. Our team will be there to help you understand every bit of it. Let us heal you from within.

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